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Dipped in rich history in farming and oil production shooting high, this place flourished like anything post World War II. With the railroad introduced in 1873, later, post 1945, this place attracted various insurance corporations and banks- hence turning this place into important business along with financial center. As your first visit to this place, you will surely enjoy its massive architect- both- modern and post modern structures like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Gothic revival Kirby Building, and the Victorian and Neoclassical homes on Swiss Avenue. This also includes other attractions like the Dallas Museum of Art and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, as well as top-rated attractions like the Dallas World Aquarium and Reunion Tower. You should explore the following here:

  1. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: just a few minutes away from downtown, this place is spread across 66 acres along the southwest shore of White Rock Lake which is full of seasonal flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees, and plant other collections. Also, this place host seasonal outdoor festivals, concerts, art shows, and educational programs, and guided tours of the property are also available. This place also offers hiking and biking trails and is famous for its wildlife along with fishing and sailing.
  2. Dallas, Zoo: spread in 106 acres and providing shelter to more than 2000 unusual animals from 406 species is a must place to visit, especially when you are with your kids. They will surely enjoy and hence you can. This is also one of the oldest zoos in the United States which includes Giants of the Savanna, the Otter Outpost, the excellent Wildlife Amphitheater with its displays of birds in flight, and the rare Tiger Habitat with its forest-like setting. The zoo authorities have also started with jungle safari and amusement park to attract more tourists.
  3. Frontiers of Flights and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum: with home to more than 30 aircrafts, this place holds the collection of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci aircraft also. The museum anthology includes a full-size model of the Wright Flyer; artifacts from the Hindenburg; WWI and WWII aircraft and artifacts, including a fully restored Stearman PT-17 Kaydet Biplane; and the Apollo VII spacecraft. On display at Love Field, the Braniff Gallery and Virgin America exhibit highlight the history of commercial aviation. Inquisitive kids and people from similar background across the world will surely love to be here.
  4. Wichita Falls and Kell House: the amazing silent place with small waterfalls will surely make you relax after the hectic excursion. This place also offers symphony orchestra along with theater performance. This place was constructed in 1909 for Frank Kell and his family, which has been a major tourist attraction since then.
  5. Reunion Tower: this holds to be the most distinguished and most recognizable tourist attraction of the city which was completed in 1978 and seems as a geodesic ball perched on the top of five cylindrical concrete poles; its 560-foot length is outstandingly lit up at night, emphasizing its unique outline. After its renovations in 2011, the Reunion Tower now boasts a revolving restaurant with 360-degree views over Dallas with the GeO-Deck surveillance level, home to an enlightening interactive display providing details about the building and prominent landmarks.