Cancellation & Refund Policy

This document precisely states the cancellation and refund policies of Travel Trivia Online. Traveling always involves some level of uncertainty that can lead to untimely cancellation of the plan. Hence, we extend our support by initiating cancellation and refunds swiftly. All bookings (except that of low-cost carriers) are entitled 100% refunds in case of cancellation within 4 hours of booking. After a lapse of 24 hours, a cancellation fee is charged as per fare rules that are different for different airlines and tickets. In case of domestic travel, if refund is not initiated than future credit will be provided. provides 24×7 backend support.

Kindly go through the following points for further detail on cancellation and refund policy

1-  The cancellation policies of the hotels are dynamic and subject to change without any prior notice. The cancellation policy can also change during the interim period of booking or at the date of stay of the guest. Moreover, the cancellation policy that is prevailing during the time of hotel check-in/cancellation will be applicable.

2-  Note that some hotels have their own cancellation policies that might charge you accordingly.

3- On cancellations of bookings that are done using promo codes, hotel cancellation charges are calculated on the initial total price that was quoted before availing the discount.

4- Customers can either initiate cancellation online or through our company.

The cancellation policy is only valid on cancellation requests that are made online or on phone to the customer support team. The company is not liable to entertain any cancellation request that is made directly to the hotel without formally notifying the company, which includes any other medium such as SMS or e-mail.

6- In case of the guest’s absence during the planned stay at the hotel, without any cancellation request, the guest will still be charged the entire amount that will be directly debited from his/her debit/credit card by the hotel.

7-  On any online bookings, cancellation and refund policy will be sent along with the purchased ticket. Customers have a time span of 4 hours to go through the document and revert in case of any ambiguity, for which our customer support team provides 24×7 assistance.

8- Most of the airline tickets are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking, but, in many cases, the insurance money is refundable even if the booking has been made but the customer has not traveled. However, this motion will only be catered if the customer calls our customer care executive and provides a valid reason for cancellation/amendments in the existing itinerary.

Also note that refund process will only be initiated if the customer has applied to us regarding the case and if the fare rules of the airlines allow us to make the changes (changes can only be done in respect to the penalty rules and fare rules of the concerned airlines). Moreover, note that most no-show bookings are not eligible for any refund/cancellation.

Travel Trivia Online is bound to maintain high level of customer satisfaction at all times and we tries to keep our process as simple as we could. In any case you may require further assistance please feel free to call us @ 1-877-770-0160. Our customer resolution team are there to address any issue. 

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